a troyler+phan video would be amazing because tyler would throw shade about them not being out like no one’s business. 

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At Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. As part of the 30-th-birthday celebrations of one of the IKEA’s most popular bookshelves, the BILLY, the Scandinavian furniture giant placed 30 of the bookcases on the sands of Bondi beach in Sydney. You could bring your own books and swap them for ones on the shelf, or just take a book and give a gold coin donation, with proceeds going to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

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louis tomlinson is stressing me out with his pretty face and his pretty body and his pretty boyfriend

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Yeah… but look at Niall
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Harry, Lou and Sophia at Jay’s wedding - 7/20

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this was a wedding? i thought it was a GQ covershoot for Liam???

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i can’t even handle one direction attending someone else’s wedding, i’m not going to make it through 5 weddings 

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